About us

We are a team of skilled professionals – lawyers, financial analysts, tax advisors and linguists with extensive professional and scientific experience gained in international corporations as well as domestic market. Our actions are based on the knowledge and experience of our team of patrons, recognized authorities in Poland and the world, guaranteeing the quality of our services and solutions tailored to your needs. We specialize in small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the energy, food and manufacturing

What makes us diffrent?

A few words about our agency


We specialize in small and medium-sized enterprises that work in the food, energy and production industries.


We are the team of specialists in our fields: economists, financial analysts, lawyers. We gained our industrial and scientific experience from both international corporations and national job market.


Our activities are based upon the knowledge and experience of our substantial support, recognized authorities in Poland and abroad. They guarantee the professionalism of our services and tailor-made solutions for your needs. To know more go to: Substantial Support.


The diagnosis of the needs and problems of our clients and the efficient help in solving them.

Assistance in establishing and keeping long-term business relations that affect the development of the company, efficient operation, creativity and our highest-quality services.

Providing services based on mutual trust which provide the highest level of safety for our clients.


Solving business problems and other obstacles on the way to enterprise developments.

Creating new business relations that support the development of the companies.

Creating the brand and the added value for our clients’ enterprises.

Efficient realization of the project and previously set targets.

Satisfaction and sense of security of our clients.

Our associates

Damian Zieliński



  • A lawyer and a journalist-photographer by background, graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration and of the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science of the University of Warsaw.
  • Gained his professional experience in Elżanowski, Cherka & Wąsowski Law Office and also in justice institutions and law enforcement authorities.
  • Advised on the projects concerning administrative, criminal procedures and those related to obtaining EU funds.
  • Specialized in the field of the procedural law, in particular in administrative, civil and criminal procedures.
  • Collaborated with the Fotorzepa photo agency.
  • Columnist of the national daily newspaper Rzeczpospolita.

Michał Kaczor



  • Legal adviser registered on the list of The District Chamber of Legal Advisers in Warsaw
  • Gained his professional experience collaborating with various law firms from Warsaw: Rachelski & Wspólnicy Law Firm, Mamczarek & Migdalska Attorneys at Law, LPP, Zagajewski & Skowron Kancelaria Prawna S.C. Also worked as an in-house lawyer in VFS Usługi Finansowe Polska sp. z o.o. – a company that is a part of the international Volvo AB group.
  • Advises the companies and the entrepreneurs in corporate law and commercial law cases.
  • Represents the clients in juridical and administrative procedures.
  • Specialized in the field of the company law, copyright law, intellectual property rights and in the law of data protection.