What BeCorp provides is a combination of the highest-quality service with a modern approach to our clients. We combine legal, financial, analytical and operational advisory and we adjust all the actions to suit the needs of our partners and the nature of each project. The development of our clients is always our top priority. We do not provide our clients with the universal solutions; we deliver solutions that are customized to every project and, relying on our experience, we indicate the most optimal solutions.

Financial Consulting


  • Preparing financial models and valuation of companies [different approaches]
  • Drawing up economic and financial analyses and summary reports
  • Preparing business plans in order to implement investment tasks and obtain financing
  • Advising on purchase/sale transactions
  • Preparing transaction documents, including information memoranda, presentations and business reports
  • Helping with obtaining external financing
  • Coordinating the work of other advisers within the projects
  • Organizing and supporting the development of documentation in the course of the due diligence processes

Business Consulting


  • Helping with establishing and keeping the long-term business relations depending on the character/type of the business
  • Analysing the possibilities of acquiring new contractors
  • Helping with the organization of conferences, meetings and debates
  • Acquiring business partners/investors

Operational Consulting


  • Analysing how the enterprises function taking under consideration their strengths and weaknesses
  • Supporting in development of operational models that improve the operational efficiency
  • Supporting in preparation and implementing the financial budgets and long-term business strategies
  • Preparing reports, business analyses and presentations according to the needs of our clients
  • Analysing, reviewing the processes and implementing the solutions that optimize the activity of the enterprises and their costs

Obtaining EU and other public funds

  • Analysing the needs and possibilities to obtain EU funds
  • Preparing the application forms, business plans, feasibility studies and other required documentation
  • Support in realization and administration of the project
  • Advising on obtaining other public funds

– Legal Advising –

Commercial Companies


  • Full support in establishing commercial companies or other entities, branches, agencies – preparing contracts and articles of association, process of submitting the company to the competent authority and company registry
  • Preparing legally optimized structure of corporate group
  • Carrying out transformations, divisions, mergers or liquidations of a company
  • Purchases, acquisitions of companies or other economic operators
  • Support in negotiations with contractors and preparing investment agreements
  • Analysing the legal status of the companies
  • Day-to-day company services

Legal assistance of enterprises


  • Advising on conclusion, dissolution and performance of civil law contracts both national and cross-border, with the latter in particular:
  • Preparing, analysing, negotiating and evaluating the contracts
  • Implementing and performing the above-mentioned contracts
  • Claiming compensations related to the business activities of the enterprises
  • Preparing and placing on the market general sales terms or provision of services
  • Services in terms of choosing the optimal contracts solutions that secure the interests of companies
  • Analysing and securing all types of risks related to prepared and negotiated agreements